97% of people are living their life without clear or written goals. With Dawn’s Online Courses, you will never be one of them!

The power to live out your dreams and create a vision for your life lives right inside your mind. You have the ability to create a big, brave life and Dawn’s courses will show you where to start!

Dawn Damon Ministries

Don’t Waste Any More Time. Your moment is Now to Live as a BraveHearted Woman!

There’s a dream in your heart; you long for something more. That means that something MORE does exist and it’s just waiting for you to show-up! Divine opportunities are everywhere. But sometimes fear tells us we are not enough…not young enough, not smart enough, not wealthy enough, not talented enough, not something enough! The truth, however, is that the only thing that can hold you back are those limiting beliefs. That’s where I come in. I help you raise your brave, boost your confidence, develop discipline, and reach your goals.

Enjoy all of life’s opportunities!
It costs too much to stay stuck. It’s time to make each day count. I can help you find the joy, confidence, and courage to live the beautiful life you deserve.

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Client Reviews

Dawn has the ability to listen and ask follow up questions to get you to think deeper about your own words and thoughts. If you are ready to go deeper, and move off stuck; Dawn will guide you to take that step forward. She will encourage you to see that the plunge Is worth the risk!
– Becky L
With Dawn’s coaching I’ve been able to define vision for my life and set goals with steps toward achieving the desired outcome. A total game-changing experience!
– Debbie M
Dawn inspired me to dig deeper and explore more fully who I am at my core. Her encouragement combined with practical tools helped me be brave enough to take a different career path.Dawn's online course changed my life!
– Carol D