How Ingratitude Can Sabotage Our Life 

How Ingratitude
Can Sabotage Our Life

We know the power of gratitude, but we may overlook
the dangers that await a person who lacks this virtue.


We’ve learned a lot about the power of gratitude in the last several years.

Research has discovered numerous health benefits, relationship improvements, and psychological benefits all from possessing a grateful spirit. We know gratitude must become more than a moment to give thanks, but instead, a lifestyle to live.

With a “gratitude” perspective, we can grow a spectacular life; a flourishing, blooming, lush and vibrant life. Like a verdant garden, a grateful life is a sweet, aromatic life. A symphony, even, of pleasant sounds and actions. When we go through the door of gratitude our life becomes blessed indeed. But if we stay outside that door—or miss the fact that there even is such a door—we are destined to live in the desolation of selfishness. We position ourselves for a hard-knock life and sabotage our life! (Hello Orphan Annie.)

Dangers of Ingratitude

We know the power of gratitude, but we may overlook the dangers that await a person who lacks this virtue.

Think about this with me … If gratitude is a verdant garden with fragrant hints of mint and lavender blossoms, ingratitude is a forsaken desert; the haunt of jackals and scavengers. There’s no pleasant fragrance emitting from that person; no fruit of success. Barrenness has withered the soul.

If gratitude is a symphony, ingratitude is silence. Not soul-refreshing silence, but stone-cold, bone-chilling silence, leaving us empty. The absence of music desolates the heart when at least one stanza of appreciation should be sung and played.

Ingratitude is the ruin of your soul. Here’s What it Can Breed:

1. Negativity – Only the shadow side of life is seen. To be thankless is to be reckless with your mind, body, and spirit, as ingratitude eats away at your well-being.

2. Unhappiness – Unhappiness is a life trapped by ingratitude, caged, and tortured by the joy of others. Comparisons cause you to focus on what you don’t have vs. what you do. Ingratitude creates heart blindness. You become blindly unaware at best and unappreciative at worst, of all the good and beauty that surrounds you.

3. Entitlement – Instead of serving the world, you think the world is here to serve you. The world owes you. You see through a lens of victimhood.

4. Greed – Unsatiable desire for more. Discontent with the blessings you do have.

5. Narcistic Ego – Ingratitude demands your undivided attention. It forever cries out; What about me? Wait, more about me! Did I mention Me!?  I’m entitled. I deserve. I expect more!

6. Loneliness – Ingratitude can lead to the destruction of friendships and important relationships.

7. Jealousy – “It’s hard to celebrate others when I fear they will outshine me,” says the spirit of an ingrate.

8. Critical Spirit – When ingratitude grips you at your core, you’ll soon discover that nothing is ever good enough. Nothing brings lasting joy. The music has stopped; the garden wilted.

Ingratitude is a tattle-tale.

Ingratitude tells on a person. It whispers how they do life, what they value, what type of relationship you can expect to have with them, and what kind of experience you’ll (not) enjoy with them.

Yes, Ingratitude will tell you, all too clearly, a person’s perspective on how they see and experience the world.

As one unknown author said, “Ingratitude is the ringleader and chief instigator of every kind of evil.”

So, In closing I want to leave you with this quote:

“If I did not praise and bless Christ my Lord, I should deserve to have my tongue torn out by its roots from my mouth. If I did not bless and magnify His name, I should deserve that every stone I tread on in the streets should rise up to curse my ingratitude, for I am a drowned debtor to the mercy of God—over head and ears. To infinite love and boundless compassion, I am a debtor. Are you not the same? Then I charge you by the love of Christ, awake, awake, your hearts now to magnify his glorious name” C.H. Spurgeon

As we enter the magic of the holidays, we are meant to be ushered into this glorious season through Thanksgiving. Only when our hearts are grateful can we truly immerse ourselves in the season of gift-giving, meaningful reflection, selfless acts of serving others, and blessing family.

Today, turn your heart toward Gratitude. It will revive your weary soul and refresh your wanting heart.


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Dawn Damon is an Influencer, Pastor, Global Communicator, Podcaster, Coach, and Best-Selling Author.

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