Your Potential is Found
in Your Confidence

Your potential is truly limitless. No matter who you are, what your age or station is,
you have the capacity to achieve extraordinary things in your life.


The willingness to try or take action unlocks your potential.

You have extraordinary potential. You have the capacity to Become and Grow.

You possess latent qualities and abilities, longing for cultivation and development.

Your potential is truly limitless. No matter who you are, what your age or station is, you have the capacity to achieve extraordinary things in your life. It’s never too late to change, to set and reach new goals, and experience a better life.

Believe me, when I say there is no expiration date on your potential, unless you put one on it.

For those of us who want to unleash our potential there remains a gap. However, between what we are today and what we can become, living in that gap is one looming, miserable and uncomfortable foe – FEAR. A.K.A. (also known as) uncertainty, trepidation, anxiety, discomfort, panic, dread… on and on I could go, for many are the aliases of FEAR.

Regardless of what we call it, fear is there. That’s a given. And for the confident, able ones who look fear in the face disregarding its threat, they overcome, achieve, fall and get back up, and play full-out in life.

But other, less brave souls, remain stuck in the starting blocks, unready or even unwilling to run the race in whatever area life requires. Sadly, I have discovered that these less confident and courageous individuals, stop dreaming, wanting, or hoping for a better life. They find it too painful to believe for more, so they shut down the Imagination Factory, put an end to “childhood dreams,” and simply accept their life.

As John Maxwell says, “Most people don’t lead their life, they just accept their life!”

~ big sigh here ~

Are you one of those people? Has fear left you living on Mundane Drive, Average Alley, or Boring Boulevard? Okay you get it.

If so, let’s get you unstuck. (I want your brain to pause here.)
First, let me help you know how to overcome that fear. For I have studied and learned that there is one essential quality missing from those that live the Que Sera Sera kind of life. Just the thought of that philosophy makes me shiver. The phrase means whatever happens, happens or what will be, will be. Fatalism. How horrible.

1. Getting Unstuck

What if I told you that you could open your heart, dream again, and actually fulfill that dream? And, that you could unleash your dormant potential, set audacious goals, and accomplish them? What if I told you that you could go through life with unlimited success and opportunities. That you could increase your wealth, take bolder steps, try new things, and set and reach higher aspirations?

Would you want that?

What quality do you imagine it would take to accomplish this?

Well, studies show there is a trait that successful people have in common. This trait is the one thing that CEO’s, entrepreneurs, and successful outliers of all types have in abundance.

What is it? Unshakable Confidence.

It sounds simple. But it’s not easy. Most people have inadequate self-confidence. They are unaware of how to harness confidence, learn the secret of how self-confidence works, and how to grow and build confidence, so that they don’t just face life, they own their life!

As Abraham Maslow said, the story of the human race is the story of men and women selling themselves short.

You can live pitiful or powerful but you can’t be both.”   Joyce Meyer

So, the first place to start is to build confidence; to live life with a spirit of Bravery!

Ahhh… there’s our favorite word. Brave!

Cousin to Confidence is Courage. You can learn more on that in episode 16, 4 Steps of The Courageous.

Listen here:

Dawn Damon is an Influencer, Pastor, Global Communicator, Podcaster, Coach, and Best-Selling Author.

Founder and CEO of the BraveHearted Woman, a transformational coaching and personal growth development enterprise designed to awaken and cultivate the vision of women-dreamers, calling them to brave-up and live their best lives.

Also known as the BraveHeart Mentor ™,  Dawn is the creator and host of The BraveHearted Woman, a weekly podcast that encourages women to unleash their full potential to the world, by discovering their inner fortitude to make needed life transformations, so they can live a fulfilling life without regret.

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