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DO NOT miss your opportunity to join Dawn Damon this month for BraveTalk with Dawn. A Women's Networking Event to receive empowerment, growth, and transformation.


Meet the Speaker

Dawn Damon, the BraveHeart Mentor™️

A Global Communicator and Influencer, Podcaster, Coach, and Best-Selling Author with over 20 years of experience!

Dawn’s personal journey into coaching and helping women began as a natural overflow of her own recovering, healing process from childhood sexual trauma. As a triumphant survivor, Dawn recalls that the keys to her healing were desire and determination. “I was hungry for wholeness. I desperately wanted to heal and I was determined not to go through life as a victim!” 

In 2018, Dawn became a Certified Life Coach and focused her passion to help women get unstuck from average and reach for greatness. Today, Dawn is the founder and CEO of BraveHearted Woman™️ a transformational coaching and personal growth development enterprise designed to awaken and inspire women to rise up, become brave, and live with vision and purpose.

Also known as the BraveHeart Mentor™️, Dawn is the creator and host of The BraveHearted Woman, a weekly podcast that encourages women to unleash their full potential to the world, by discovering the inner fortitude they need to make life transformations, so they can live a fulfilling life without regret.  “When you find your Brave, you’ll live your DREAMS.”

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